Picchi Planning Group

In December of 2007 TEG was contracted by Picchi Planning Group to assemble a new marketing plan.  The owner, Thomas J. Picchi, was originally looking to update his current plan, but after a thorough analysis, a mutual decision was made to start from scratch.

Mr. Picchi was in the process of relocating his business to a larger, more sophisticated firm that offered an array of products that had not been previously available to him. With an already established book of business and no current interest in expanding, Picchi Planning needed to develop a plan to market these new options to his clients and assess those that would be most beneficial to them.

An individual analysis was performed on a client-by-client basis to determine which products and services might best fit their current needs, comfortability, and risk levels should they be interested in taking advantage of the newly available products and services offered after Mr. Picchi’s transition to the new firm.

When the transition was completed the marketing plan that TEG created for Picchi Planning Group allowed Mr. Picchi to reach out to his current clients and make them aware of the move. The successful implantation of the plan resulted in over a 90% client rollover to the new firm, North Point Financial Group, ensuring continued confidence and preserving Mr. Picchi’s loyal business relationships.