Covington Business Financial Group

Covington Business Financial Group, Inc. is a commercial loan broker in Cheyenne, Wyoming. at the time TEG Resources was originally contracted in 2008, the corporation had been recently purchased. Tomaso Quatrini, the new owner of the company, wanted to restructure the way his company was organized. He wanted his company to be more efficient and felt that without an outsider’s point of view, it just wasn’t going to get done quickly enough.

TEG was hired by Covington to focus on their corporate documents. Although Covington was not a start-up company, it was a changing company with new outlooks and aspirations. Mr. Quatrini wanted new corporate documents drawn up, new by-laws, and other agreements. With the collaboration of Covington’s legal team, we met their goals. This would not be the last time TEG was hired by Mr. Quatrini and Covington.

Over the next 2 years, TEG would be contracted to assist with multiple projects listed below (Locations are generalized due to a Mutual NDNC Agreement between TEG and Covington).

Dominican Republic Resort Project – $350M
Belize Vacation Development – $185M
Illinois Wind Farm Project – $251M
Montana Mine Project – $150M
Private Race Track Projects – $100M
Mississippi Residential Development – $6M

Our original consultation with Covington Business Financial Group, Inc. lasted just under 90 days. Upon its completion, TEG increased Covington’s profitability by nearly 150% and assisted in the development of a more efficient organization.