Start-up Companies

The foundation of a successful business starts with a well-organized plan.  Without a firm idea of what you have to offer and how to package your product it is unlikely that your company will be profitable. TEG prides itself on its ability to assist in the successful set-up of new companies.

Organization is the key factor to starting a new business. TEG will provide you with a list of documentation and topics that our clients should research prior to beginning the process of incorporation. Once the documentation has been gathered the client has decided what type of corporation they would like to establish (S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.), we will walk you through the incorporation process. After the incorporation process has been completed, TEG will help the client build a corporate business plan. This step is often over-looked and is one of the most important steps in the start-up process. A corporation’s ability to provide a solid business plan can often mean the difference of receiving or not receiving outside funding for their company. A well-written business plan may also allow a company to recognize various benefits to their product or service that were previously unnoticed. TEG’s final step in this consultation is to assist in the branding of the company and its product or service.

When we conclude our start-up consultation, the client will recognize that the corporation they have created, with the assistance of TEG, has the foundation to be a lucrative, well-oiled machine.

Clients that opt to set-up an LLC or Partnership will be instructed to seek legal advice prior to signing their corporate agreements.

Start-up kits (including stock certificates, corporate seals, etc.) are available in multiple price ranges depending on the preference of the client.