Cost Segregation

TEG Resources recognizes that the US economy has been primarily built on real estate.  We also acknowledge that the current ownership or future acquisition of real estate by a business can be its greatest investment or biggest expense.  The real estate market is loaded with common pitfalls that are often avoidable with the proper guidance.  Through years in the real estate and finance industry our company specializes in the ability to recognize these common pitfalls. Correctly using the tax laws to your advantage is one of them…

Cost segregation reclassifies certain long-term depreciable assets into short life deprecation. How is this beneficial? Your company can reduce its current tax burden, which in turn, will enhance cash flow. Cost Segregation works by accelerating the depreciation of a significant portion of a building from 39 or 27.5 years to a period of 15, 7, or even 5 years. Our affiliate will maximize these benefits and provide a detailed, documented, tested and fully supported study for your company so you can apply these tax laws to your benefit.

Our Cost Segregation Services are only available for properties or projects $1Million or greater.

About Our National Cost Segregation Affiliate:

  • completed well over 7,000 cost segregation studies from coast to coast and their methodology is the most detailed in the industry
  • charges absolutely nothing to the client for its initial Preliminary Analysis
  • is extremely diligent and moves expeditiously. (As a general guideline, the actual study requires about 2 months to complete
  • does not require confidential information (The client’s depreciation schedule is the primary document
  • will charge a fixed fee for the cost of the study and not a percentage based on the amount of the benefit