Government Programs

Government Vendor

Building layers of income for your business is extremely important. There is no easier way to add capital to your business than to acquire a client that can guarantee payment. An excellent way to acquire this perfect client is to become a government vendor.

Equipped with an extensive background in government programs, TEG Resources has assisted many clients in becoming federal and local government vendors. TEG Resources, Ltd. is registered as a Federal Vendor, so we understand the process and its pitfalls. Armed with this knowledge, we will help expedite the process by walking your corporation through the applications and/or registrations. TEG will let your company know up front what paperwork it will need to make available to complete the packages. Once you have gathered the required documents, TEG will put the packages together for you; saving your company time and money by avoiding the common errors made in the process.


Government Certifications

Are you a minority-owned business or women-owned business? At TEG, we have completed numerous application packages MBE and WBE Certifications. We have completed packages for multiple levels of federal and local government.

TEG Resources specializes in the following MBE/WBE certification processes: City of Chicago, Cook County, Will County, State of Illinois, and the Federal Government.