T E G offers August Discounts!

This month T E G is offering discounts on services. If your company’s contract is signed and your retainer fee is in by August 31, 2011. This offer applies to both previous and new clients. Please contact us by going to our “Contact Us” page or by phone at (888) 939-1119. New clients will be taken on a “first come, first serve” basis. Don’t waste any time. Let us improve your company’s financial future today.

10% off Website Consults
15% off All Other Consulting Services*

* This offer does not include Cost Segregation Consults. No “actual expenses” will be discounted. All discounts will be applied to the total cost of labor or hours worked unless otherwise stated in your contract.

Fudging the Numbers?

As you will see in another article we have posted today under “Industry News”, unemployment is still ridiculously high in the midwest, but is it actually higher than what is being reported? When do you stop being a statistic? If you have been out of work over 6 months are you still counted in these statistics; How about being unemployed for over a year? The answer is unfortunately, we don’t know. After calling numerous government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), we could not get a straight answer. We found it amazing that the people who publish these numbers don’t know where they come from.

It is reported that the national unemployment rate is currently 9.1 percent (according to the same article discussed above), how true is that number? We were told that after 6 months an out of work individual was no longer counted in these stats. Now we were also told that after 1 year the individual was no longer counted in these stats. Regardless of the timeline, there are people not being counted in the statistics. That’s frightening. Is it possible that unemployment is closer to 15% or even more? We truly believe it is.

We hope that our theory and the information we have gathered is incorrect, but we regret to inform you, we don’t think it is. We realize that the numbers will never be perfect and we don’t expect them to ever be, but we do expect them to be realistic. And at this point… We do not think they are.

Please send us your opinnions and what you think can be done to improve the current situation.

You can view your state’s current unemployment statistics and history at the BLS website.

T E G Resources rolls out New Consulting Services

After over 6 months of research and perfecting our new line of services, we are extremely pleased to announce that as of today, June 1, 2011, TEG Resources, Ltd. has added 2 additional consulting services.

Numerous requests were pouring in for web design and web development services, unfortunately, at the time, we did not have the staff to meet these requests. Knowing that owning a website is an essential tool for all businesses, we began work on the Web Design and Development division in December of 2010. TEG has worked with some of its current clients to perfect our service. At this point we are confident that we can provide this service to meet any and all our client’s needs.

The second service being officially released today is our Government Program Consultation. This service started being offered on an extremely limited basis to TEG clients back in November of 2010. Applying knowledge gained through careful examination of the government application and registration process, we put together a team with a combined 23 years of previous government interaction, work, and contracting. With the support of our extremely patient clients, we have developed a seamless plan to get your business signed up as government vendor and if applicable certifed as a MBE or WBE company with multiple levels of government.

Our goal at TEG Resources, Ltd. is simple: We help our clients obtain optimum results through collaborative consulting. Thanks to your comments and requests, we are now able to offer these services to all our current and future clients.

Please keep the requests and comments coming…

Are you a developer or contractor looking for more business?

As of this Wednesday (April 20, 2011), Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle announced the release of $680 million in previously frozen construction funds. This money will cover the next 3 years of already proposed construction projects.

This being said… T E G has assisted many of its clients with their paperwork to become MBE/WBE certified and County approved vendors. Our company will help you gather the paperwork you need, assist you in filling out your application, and put you on the correct path to gaining more business through government contracts.

Whether you are a minority business or not, any company can benefit from more business. In this economy, construction has been one of the most difficult businesses to be in. Let T E G help you turn that around.


T E G Resources would like to thank Ed Sochacki and his company Sochacki Communications for their excellent work in designing our current website. We at TEG have felt this way since our web launch in December, but it seems that some of the top cyber companies have also taken notice. Our website has been chosen as the feature site this month by Studio Press; take a look.

If anyone is interested in contacting Sochacki Communications go to their website at the link above and reference T E G Resources.

Congratulations Ed and company. Fantastic job.

Contractors beware of new EPA Certifications

As of January 1st, 2011, you must be a Certified Renovator to work on pre 1978 homes.  Failure to comply with this new regulation may result in fines of up to $32,500… [Read the Full Story...]

Funding – A Long Lost Strategy

First let me start by saying, funding has not completely dried up. It is still out there, but it is also very limited. Qualifying for funding is very difficult right now for corporations and individuals. Most creditors are cutting lines of credit that we used to fund projects and other things in past years, as opposed to, issuing new ones. This has become a real problem. It is the domino effect in full force. Without the lending of money, it is extremely hard to stimulate growth in the economy.

The more important information… Where can I find it? As an individual looking for a mortgage you are more limited than a company looking for $10 million and up.

To qualify for an owner occupied residential loan you have a little more leniency with credit. It is still possible to get government financing with a low 600 credit score, but with strong compensating factors (strong assets and income, limited liabilities). 

As an investor looking to buy residential property, good luck. It has become very expensive. Expect to pay points (origination and discount) and expect an interest rate comparable to what you would have paid in 1999. If you are self employed, beware. Unfortunately, we are the ones who have been hit the hardest in this market. You must have strong financials and have told the truth at tax time.

We suggest you consult a professional mortgage originator or your personal/business banker prior to property hunting. Getting pre-qualified and having all your ducks in a row will be very beneficial for you in the long run.