Thomas E. Gavin IV

Thomas Gavin, Founder of TEG Resources, Ltd., has eleven years of experience in residential and commercial real estate, and finance. He is currently the C.E.O. of TEG Resources, Ltd., a company that he founded in late 2007 to provide businesses a dependable consulting company with whom clients could trust and confide in these rough economic times.

TEG’s projects typically include small to medium sized businesses looking to expand within their market and become more efficient.   These clients tend to have the tools and abilities to accomplish these goals but do not know how to implement or utilize them.

Thomas’ previous business experience includes nine years as a registered loan originator in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. During this time, he managed the corporate office along with 4 out-of-state offices in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Indiana and was responsible for over 100 employees.  He has also spent 5 yrs working with government agencies and federal grants, including Homeland Security.  While pursuing his bachelor’s degree at Governor’s State University, Thomas also assisted with the development of an improved marketing campaign for a local newspaper corporation with 14 individual publications.

Currently, Thomas is a member of multiple networks, groups, and societies within the real estate, finance, and business sectors.  Thomas has never given up in his pursuit of knowledge.  He has continued his education both formally and informally, obtaining several certificates in management related fields, courses in real estate investment, and sharing ideas with business professionals on a regular basis.

In his spare time, Thomas enjoys spending time on the golf course with friends, family, and business associates.  He has a great passion for music and is a self-taught guitarist.