Google Penguin Update: Don’t Forget About Duplicate Content

Although this is an older article, many companies still have not updated or upgraded their websites. Don’t forget the best way to beat the Google Penguin is to purchase your website through T E G.

Our custom websites are truly custom. Your content is original o your site. There are no cheap shortcuts with duplicate pages to hurt your your ranking. Just remember the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” and you’ll realize how important your ranking really is.

For a better under standing of what these new concerns are here’s an article specifically dealing with the updates: “There has been a ton of speculation regarding Google’s Penguin update. Few know exactly what the update specifically does, and how it works with Google’s other signals exactly. Google always plays its hand close to its chest.” [Read full story...]

Five Signs You’re Losing a Sale — And How to Save It

While going through a clients folder, I found an article I had printed and accidentally put in to the notes section of my client’s file. I remember reading this article almost a little over a year ago and printing it to hang up on my bulletin board. I apparently got wrapped up in my consult and, as so many of us do, disregarded some really ideal information.

This article gives excellent advice on how to keep your sale and should be handed out in a welcome package to every new salesperson you hire or that is assigned to your team.

“Marla Kaye could not afford to lose this deal. She had watched sales at You Name It Promotions, her Oakland, Calif.-based promotional products company, drop by more than half since the start of the recession–from $3.5 million in 2007 to $1.5 million last year. When a six-figure sale to a new client seemed about to fall through this spring, she had to act fast.” [Read full story...]

T E G Resources, Ltd. rolls out website packages for the loan industry

Have the rising cost of reserve and bonding requirements eaten your marketing budget?
From what we have been told by current clients and others in the industry, the average mortgage broker, banker, and small to medium-size bank is unable to continue doing business as usual with the increase in overhead cost; in many cases this is driving the loan business right out of business.
Due to a continually increasing reserve requirement, these institutions either have to sell more loans and/or increase profit margins on the current loans or they have to increase their investment in the business. As many of us know, selling more loans is not an easy task when your marketing capital is limited for solid leads, but you really should have both in order to guarantee the rate of return you need each month. It truly is a catch 22, but T E G Resources has found a solution to your problem. By redesigning and redeveloping your current website, T E G can drastically decrease you marketing costs.
When we say drastically, we mean it. On average, we are saving these businesses over $6,600 per year or $552.00 per month (Savings ranged from $395 to $1,100 per month). Can you use an extra $6,600 per year to put towards leads for your employees? The correct answer would probably be who couldn’t?
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Press Release 11/06/2012