T E G Resources recognized again by StudioPress

Some of you may remember in April of 2011, T E G Resources was StudioPress’ Feature Site of the Month. Just the other day a client got in touch with us and said, “Do you realize that your website is being used as a example for the Venture theme on StudioPress’ website?” We did not know, but we sure are happy we are.

For those of you who are not aware of what StudioPress is, it is a company that created Genesis Framework. Their invention has revolutionized the website industry through their SEO optimized themes, automatic updates, and their simplicity. Once your site is completed, individuals with very little web knowledge can update their web pages without the high cost of the continuing design and development fees that used to come along with very minor changes.

We would like to thank StudioPress for thinking so highly of us and recognizing our time and effort. T E G would like to again congratulate our go-to Web Designer, Ed Sochacki, for his phenomenal work on the website. Ed, when StudioPress uses our site as an example, it is a true reflection of your amazing abilities in web design and development.

If you are interested in speaking to us regarding our Web Design and Development Consults click here to contact us.

If you are interested in viewing our website on StudioPress, click here.

Does My Company Need A Consultant?

Many companies feel that they can fix everything internally and sometimes they can; other times, it may be a good time to look for a consultant to help your company reach its goals. When trying to decide which is best for your business, it is good to sit down and ask yourself questions. T E G has put together a list of questions to assist you in your decision making process.

1. Does my company regularly meet or exceed our sales/profit expectations?

2. Do I feel that my company is on a path leading to lasting success?

3. Do I have an employee turnover rate that I am happy with?

4. Is the morale of my company where I would like it to be?

5. Am I satisfied with the current growth of my company?

6. Do I feel the hours that I am putting in are what I envisioned they would be?

7. Am I happy with the amount of responsibilities that I have?

8. Am I satisfied with my company’s current production level?

9. Am I gaining customers or clientele from the demographic I’m marketing to?

10. Are my company’s processes well-structured, efficient, and documented?

11. Am I pleased with my overall performance within my company?

12. Is my company on pace to reach its most recent 5 year goal?

13. Are the responsibilities of my employees thoroughly defined and individualized for optimum efficiency and results?

14. Are my company’s marketing efforts obtaining results I am satisfied with?

15. Do I have a system in place to obtain repeat business and regain customers that I have lost?

If you answered no or were unsure of your answer to 3 or more of these questions, you should strongly consider hiring a consultant.

JOB POST (as promised last week)

To all interested parties;
As I told many of you last week, through our social networks, a good friend and client of T E G is interested in bringing on loan originators for their new office in Orland Park, IL. If you are in the market for a new job or just interested in checking out what other companies are offering without putting all your information out there on job boards, let us know. You are seeing this prior to it being listed on the job boards and printed in the newspaper, so hopefully this will help some of you out there; we know how tough the job market is right now. Good luck.
Thomas E. Gavin IV

Please read the basic corporate information and position qualifications provided below. If you feel you are qualified and interested in more information or an interview, you can email your resume to our HR Department at careers@tegresources.com. We will forward your email/resume directly to the branch manager in charge of hiring at Integra Mortgage.
(Please note that we are not, in anyway, involved with Integra Mortgage Corp.’s hiring process)

Mortgage Loan Originator
Why Integra Mortgage Corp:
• We are a trusted resource and respected leader in the community banking industry.
• We are loan origination company built for and by loan originators
• Senior Management in the company are former high volume loan originators
• Marketing Programs to build your referral based business with your customers.
• We promote your business not our business.
• 24 hour approvals on refinances and purchase loans
• Strong support for Purchase Based Business
• Innovative products – all key products needed to complete mortgage in the complicate market of lending. Examples are HARP, VA IRRL, Conforming, FHA, VA, Jumbo.
• Competitive rates. – we use optimal blue to search for the best product, with the best rate and the time of deliver.
What We Offer:
• Fast Turn Around Times of less than 30 days for closings
• Competitive commission plan
• Competitive Product Programs
• In House Underwriting and Closing
• Training
• Marketing to clients and referral partners
• Health Benefits
• 401K
Desired Skills
• Superior communication, client service, and analytical skills.
• NMLS Licensing is required.
• Demonstrated relationship development skills, with a minimum of 2 years experience in the mortgage banking industry.
• PC skills required both internet and loan originations systems.

Don’t always buy what your media is selling…

After hearing the “Unemployment Rate” went down the other day, I must say I found an article on Jack Welch’s tweets quite interesting (For those of you who don’t know who Jack Welch is, he is a former CEO of GE Capital). As usual, out of pure curiosity, I did a little digging. I wanted to know exactly how the government gathers their information and how they turn it into the percentage that seems to way so highly on our economy.

Now, I’ll start by saying, I’ve always been skeptical; I do come from a finance and sales background. After reading how the data is collected and what data is actually considered valid that is used, I am absolutely amazed. I don’t know how these numbers can even be considered remotely close to correct. The unemployment rate should be consider double or triple what it is. Frightening…

I say this and know that my opinion is my own, but I do think every voting citizen should see what I have just seen and develop their own theory. If you are interested, I’ve found this link a good place to start: Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s strictly a government website (not Republican-heavy or Democrat-heavy). Just remember… there have been many updates during the current administration, so you will have to look for those separately, as I did. For some reason they don’t seem to be contained to the same page as the general information, but are within the website if you search for them.