Do you have “Executive Presence”?

There’s a lot of buzz about “executive presence” these days. It’s the business “it” factor. We notice it immediately in others, and covet its power. Yet, most people have no clue how to get it. Everyone is crystal clear on only one thing: presence is a major determinant in professional success. [Read full story...]

Mom and Pop are Back in Business

Borrowing by small U.S. businesses hit its highest level in nearly four years in November, pointing to underlying strength in the economy. This may sound bad to the average person, but it should actually be looked at as a giant step in the right direction. Just the fact that small business can borrow again means the credit market is finally loosening up. [Read full story...]

Great News for Small Business

Business owners were uncharacteristically upbeat in December, and are looking forward to growth in 2012. Poll results from the December Small Business Authority Market Sentiment Survey, released today, reveal that independent business owners are optimistic as they begin the first quarter of 2012. Why is this important? “There’s no question, as business owners become more optimistic, it will help propel the economy in a forward direction. They will tend to hire more, invest more in their business, and seek to grow.” [Read full story...]