Are We Finally Working Together?

“The U.S. Federal Reserve slashed the cost of emergency dollar loans to foreign banks as the world’s major central banks took coordinated action to prevent Europe’s debt crisis from triggering a global liquidity crunch. ” This actually very good news. Why is this a good thing? Do you remember 2008? Businesses need access to capital to run efficiently. In 2008, this was one of the major problems when Bank of England froze the Lehman Brothers accounts, which spiralled into an economic disaster. To put it very simply, this alleviates that issue by freeing money up for businesses and individuals. [Read full story...]

Eighty is the New Sixty-Five?

The concept of a “retirement age” is going the way of the typewriter, another 20th-century relic that has been made irrelevant by changing circumstances. Middle class Americans now expect to work until they have saved enough to afford to retire, according to results from the seventh annual Retirement Survey from Wells Fargo & Company… [Read full story...]