Communication is the Key

Even though communication is the lifeblood of an organization, it’s difficult to find a company that doesn’t have its momentary breakdowns… [Read full story...]

What’s your money really worth?

For years, Treasury secretaries parroted a line that the U.S. was committed to a strong dollar policy. But as the greenback slides close to all-time lows, President Barack Obama’s administration has been noticeably quiet.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner last used “strong dollar” language in November, and a glance through his speeches and news databases shows he has had almost nothing to say on the matter since. [Read the full story...]

Times, they are a changing…

The traditional mentality of spending and borrowing may be out-dated. It’s a scary thought, but it makes a great deal of sense. Our economy has changed and is still changing; common sense says so must standard practices. Not to say that these rules were all wrong, they just don’t provide all the benefits they used to. [Read the full story...]

Are you a developer or contractor looking for more business?

As of this Wednesday (April 20, 2011), Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle announced the release of $680 million in previously frozen construction funds. This money will cover the next 3 years of already proposed construction projects.

This being said… T E G has assisted many of its clients with their paperwork to become MBE/WBE certified and County approved vendors. Our company will help you gather the paperwork you need, assist you in filling out your application, and put you on the correct path to gaining more business through government contracts.

Whether you are a minority business or not, any company can benefit from more business. In this economy, construction has been one of the most difficult businesses to be in. Let T E G help you turn that around.


T E G Resources would like to thank Ed Sochacki and his company Sochacki Communications for their excellent work in designing our current website. We at TEG have felt this way since our web launch in December, but it seems that some of the top cyber companies have also taken notice. Our website has been chosen as the feature site this month by Studio Press; take a look.

If anyone is interested in contacting Sochacki Communications go to their website at the link above and reference T E G Resources.

Congratulations Ed and company. Fantastic job.