Are We Finally Working Together?

“The U.S. Federal Reserve slashed the cost of emergency dollar loans to foreign banks as the world’s major central banks took coordinated action to prevent Europe’s debt crisis from triggering a global liquidity crunch. ” This actually very good news. Why is this a good thing? Do you remember 2008? Businesses need access to capital to run efficiently. In 2008, this was one of the major problems when Bank of England froze the Lehman Brothers accounts, which spiralled into an economic disaster. To put it very simply, this alleviates that issue by freeing money up for businesses and individuals. [Read full story...]

Eighty is the New Sixty-Five?

The concept of a “retirement age” is going the way of the typewriter, another 20th-century relic that has been made irrelevant by changing circumstances. Middle class Americans now expect to work until they have saved enough to afford to retire, according to results from the seventh annual Retirement Survey from Wells Fargo & Company… [Read full story...]

What Really Has Wall Street Worried

Charles Stevenson, president of hedge fund Navigator Group, heads the co-op board at 740 Park Ave., home to Blackstone (BX) Chairman Stephen Schwarzman and oilman David Koch. While the Upper East Side building was picketed by Occupy Wall Street in early October, Stevenson, 64, is less disturbed by the protesters than by the problems plaguing his industry. [Read full story...]

Home building jumps 15 percent in September

Home builders started projects in September at the fastest pace in 17 months, a hopeful sign for the economy.

Most of the gain was driven by a surge in volatile apartment construction. That could help create jobs and boost economic growth, but it doesn’t signal a comeback for the depressed housing market. [Read full story...]

Are you a perfectionist?

“Does any of this sound familiar? The desire to feel good, appear skilled, and be competent is not the problem—and it’s completely understandable to want to avoid feeling embarrassed, clumsy, or out of your depth. Besides, who doesn’t want others to see them as intelligent, athletic, musically talented, and so on? But how do we go about achieving this?”

This is an excerpt from an article I just recently read called, “The Real Curse of Being a Perfectionist.” I have a feeling that I am not the only person who can relate to this, so I wanted to share. [Read the full story...]

Treasury Bill Rates Rise – Good or Bad?

The interest rate on six-month Treasury bills rose at Monday’s weekly treasury auction after falling to an all-time low last week. The rate on three-month bills also rose.

The Treasury Department auctioned $29 billion in three-month bills at a discount rate of 0.020 percent, up from 0.010 percent last week. Last week’s level was the lowest since rates averaged 0.005 percent on Dec. 8, 2008, during the financial crisis. Then, like now, investors were seeking the safety of U.S. Treasury debt. [Read the full story...]

Deloitte & Touche sued for $7.6 billion in mortgage fraud case

A pair of lawsuits filed Monday claim that Deloitte & Touche LLP, one of the nation’s largest accounting firms, should pay $7.6 billion in damages for failing through years of audits to detect massive fraud at a now-defunct Florida mortgage company. [Read full story...]

Creditors’ rights: 5 tips on how to collect debts

All of us who own a small to medium size business know it has recently become more difficult to collect outstanding debts. This article was simplifies the collection process and opens up options you may not be currently exploring as a creditor.

Unfortunately, collecting debts can oftentimes be difficult, time-consuming, and fruitless — not to mention a drain on your financial resources. [Read full story...]

T E G offers August Discounts!

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Housing starts hit 6-month high, permits rise too

Housing starts rose more than expected in June to touch a six-month high and permits for future construction unexpectedly increased, a government report showed on Tuesday (07/19/2011), likely reflecting growing demand for rental apartments. [Read full story...]